Saturday, February 13, 2010

what's your style?

i found this "what's your style" quiz from ethan allen, while perusing one of my favorite sites, young house love. so i thought since we keep bickering about things it would be fun to see what the quiz had to say about our individual styles. Here is the results. Pretty on point.

METRO--The verdict is in—your style is Metro. Metro is a great modern space. Chic, comfortable, clean. Do the math. Strong horizontals plus graphic clarity plus a fearless blending of metal, woods, leathers, and wovens; minus the superfluous and the clichéd; equals urban architecture domesticated, a vision for living.A great modern space.

GLAMOUR---The verdict is in—your style is Glamour. Glamour is the penthouse with a view, the Old Hollywood mansion, the home of the connoisseur. A knowing marriage of fashion with sumptuous comfort. A fearless blending of Art Déco, Chippendale, and Modern. Glamour is shamelessly smart, elegant, and timeless.

what did you get?

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