Monday, February 22, 2010

the color conundrum continues...

it's a whole different ball game when the paint is dry.
when we went back to the apartment the next day to let the drywallers in (more on that later)
we saw our paint swatches in a whole new light.
or so i thought...but now that i look at these pics next to eachother, i'm not so sure...
either way, we changed our minds...



hmmm...maybe it was just our imaginations, but we decided the top color we picked looked too dark, and so we're now going with the middle color!
the winner is....benjamin moore's sea urchin!
(.....i think....)
it's amazing what lighting does. that color looks completely different in the other room.

but the blue...oh the blues.
we still can't make up our minds.
upon seeing the dry paint, nolan thinks he now likes quiet moments...



so...because we couldn't decide, what did i do?
i painted even bigger swatches!!!
silver marlin? quiet moments? smoke?
smoke on our walls look nothing like the pictures on the internet...

i put a little polling box on the sidebar --->
help us pick!

1 comment:

  1. I think quiet moments, but I painted my living room blue and hate it. Loving the blog. I'll have to show you my before and after pics of our apartment. Its amazing what paint and tlc can do!