Wednesday, February 17, 2010

it's going down in chinatown

a quick jaunt to chinatown with my moms to pick up the few things needed to make our new pad feng shui friendly...there are tons of interesting things down there!

don't worry nolan, these multi-colored critters won't be invading the apartment.

here i am picking up some coins needed to be placed under our flooring.
there's the sales lady in the back...probably wondering why i was taking pictures.
you know, for a feng shui store, this place is pretty cluttered...

we're gonna be needing one of these:
but i'm on a search for a nicer, preferably plainer and smaller one.

we'll be needing to go back sometime soon...
my grand total for today's purchases:
pretty fortuitous number right???


  1. p.s. i LOVE this idea for a blog. so smart, you! i can't wait to see the progress of the reno. so fun!

  2. where is that vase thing going?

  3. it's going on the balcony. for fish and lillies....all these feng shui stuff. i'm not even chinese! hahaha.