Monday, February 8, 2010

a few hurdles along the way...

nolan really wanted me to document our renovations, i was rather apprehensive about it. what if it turns out hideous? what if we hate it?
oh well...too late now, we're off and running with this bloggity blog so here it goes. from start to finish, this is the story of our new home...
One of the main reasons i'm skeptical about the final outcome is due to the hurdles we've encountered:

1. clash of the titans
we like different things. nolan likes very modern, sleek, minimalist styles. i like cozy, cute, anthropologie-ish styles on one day, blair waldorf-ish rooms the next. either way, we have a hard time agreeing on anything.

2. bachelor pad furniture
we're keeping nolan's current furniture that scream bachelor pad.
black. modern. boconcept furniture.
it may have been ok, except for hurdle number three.

3. feng shui madness
my mother is a crazy feng shui believer/follower. we told her we would try to accommodate some of the 'practices' to make her feel better....we had a feng shui master come in and told us where to hang certain charms or coins but the kicker was the wall colors. i guess the rooms have to be certain colors so our individual chi will flow harmoniously with the area. so the living room has to be blue. (blue?!?! bleh.) and the bedroom has to be either pink, purple, or blue. you could see the horror on nolan's face when he heard those 3 colors. ahahahaha. so of course we picked blue. (blue again? bleh.)
i guess it could be worse.

good lord things are so stinkin' expensive! i mean a faucet is $300!?!? you've got to be kidding me! will we ever get an ikea in hawaii? the houses here totally need it. there is a HUGE difference between what we love and what we can afford. and can you believe the room that is costing us the most moolah is the room we spend the least amount of time in. the kitchen. ahahaha. we are professional microwavers and own like four plates, and four bowls...yet we have so much cabinets. maybe i'll be like carrie bradshaw and store clothes and shoes in my stove.

5. why does everything close at 4?!?
seriously, aside from home depot & lowes, everything closes super early. it's become really hard to try and find samples and swatches of things when everyone is closed by the time we get off of work!

tomorrow we're off to look at cabinets.
wish us luck!

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