Friday, January 27, 2012

time for a change

i've been requested to update this blog, or possibly broaden my topic so i had more things to blog about. and while i have my fingers crossed that a bathroom renovation is in the near future, to be honest, i'm just over the whole renovation of our apartment. {SO over it!}

with that said, i thought about making a family-centered blog about me, nolan & ollie. but after a few suggestions by the few that already knew about it, i'm taking a big leap and just saying...

i will no longer be updating this blog.
if you are interested in my daily life, you can check out my personal blog, coffee makes everything better. please be kind.

i will continue to update ollie's blog, as he always has stuff to blog about. :)

Monday, December 26, 2011

happy holidays!

Hope you all had a very merry christmas!
Just wanted to check in and share a little bit of our christmas!

and i realized i didn't do a post of our christmas decor, so here's a few pics:

and i finally finished re-making our manzanita trees from our wedding just in time to decorate them for the holidays!

hope you all had a great christmas, and thanks for sticking around for my few and far between posts!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

desktops & counter tops

Black Friday was massively-organize-and-clean-the-house-friday over at the sixth floor apartment. seriously, nolan nearly fainted when he came home. ;) we have clean & organized counter tops and desktops, folks!

so now that things are looking pretty decent, and not buried under mounds of things-that-had-no-home...i finally got around to taking a few, here are the much requested pics (from probably my only reader) of our parsons tables...

Parson's Desk in my girl cave, doing double duty as a desk & vanity...

the top of my rarely ever looks like this:

Parson's mini-desk, serving as a drop off point for all my daily things...

Parsons Console, serving as Ollie-headquarters

our tv the beginning stages of christmas festive decorations...

hopefully there will be a post in the future showcasing more holiday is looking a bit sparse! lol.

Monday, October 24, 2011

tables, desks, & consoles...oh my!

during our apartment renovation, i looked at countless home decor sites, blogs, stores, etc. and the one thing that i found myself constantly drooling over, was the West Elm Parson's Desk. {why, west elm, are you not in hawaii?!?! we all know hawaii homes need help in the interior design department!!!} i looked at furniture stores here for something comparable, i mean it's so basic! but nothing. i even thought of having it made, but was told to just buy it, it would be cheaper. (hmph!) i even drooled over it in the actual west elm store earlier this year:

{hi cece!}

eventually, i just bit the bullet...i was gonna order it online and ship it! and since i was already going to ship the desk, i may as well order other things we needed too! shipping was super fast and was delivered to our front door:

assembly (thanks to nolan & his dad) was pretty fast and easy (although they did send 1 wrong part for the coffee table, but a quick trip to home depot solved the problem).
Here's a pic of our mini parson's desk and coffee table {please excuse the mess...i'm still working on finding homes for many things!}

not pictured are the parsons console table (being used as ollie-central), and the parsons desk (will be doing double duty as my desk and vanity area) stay tuned for more updates!!!

Friday, October 7, 2011

wonderful world of blinds!

we FINALLY have some new (modern) blinds up in this place! gone are the original blinds that came with the apartment circa late 1980s. heavy, ugly, dusty, dirty, drapes. even with the drapes pulled back, it took up so much of the window space, it really closed off the room:

{construction causes TONS of fine soot. we've vacuumed & mopped about a million times and the soot still appears! }

we couldn't be happier! (except if it were motorized, but that was just much too expensive!) they really help to block out the heat as well, which is another added benefit! and when it's opened, the rooms are so much brighter and feel a lot bigger. what a difference some drapes make! :)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

let's get the ball rolling

one of the most used phrase from nolan throughout the wedding planning process was, "we'll do {insert task here} after the wedding." Said tasks include:

  • buying a coffee table

  • buying a nook table for the kitchen nook we demolished

  • buy a desk

  • buy an area rug

  • hang engagement & wedding photos

  • fully renovate the second bathroom

  • install blinds

and i can finally say we are checking things off the list!

  • blinds have been ordered!

  • coffee table, desk, kitchen nook, & extra table have all been ordered!!! i'm so excited for my west elm parsons collection. i have been lusting after a parsons desk for what seems like forever!!!

{all images from}

SO EXCITED!!! it should be here by next week, stay tuned!! now i need to start working on hanging the photos and finding an area rug...i'm giving up on the bathroom reno for now.

Friday, September 16, 2011

guest bathroom fix-up: finished...for now

WOW! an update! since we had a week-long house guest last month (hi cece!), nolan & i had to get our act together and fix up the guest bathroom so it was as use-able as possible! see, nolan wants to renovate the bathroom, so he didn't want to do any major work (like buy a new toilet) if we are planning on ripping this bathroom to shreds. so our goal: functional & clean.

this meant:

  • capping the exposed sink pipe...DONE! no more water spilling out all over the floor!

  • get a new shower curtain to replace that hideous one that the previous tenants left behind....DONE! nice, white, and plain. oh yah, and a tiny bit too short.

  • new shower head that doesn't spray directly at the wall (seriously, most UNfunctional shower everrrrr!)...after 2 tries, DONE!

  • clean & get rid of unnecessary stuff....done!

next project: BLINDS! it's time to cover up our windows!!!