Thursday, May 27, 2010

seriously?!?! ***EDITED***

so the granite people finished up today...
we went by the unit tonight to make sure there were enough boxes of underlayment for the contractor who will be installing our tile in the kitchen and bath tomorrow...
i walk into the bathroom to check out the countertop that was just installed (it was very to come) and i turn to see that there is murky water just sitting in the shower. not draining. there is a weird noise coming from the toilet. there is also water on the ground in the other bathroom. WTF?!?

first of all...
the granite workers used our new toilet. thank you very much for christening our brand new bathroom. there was a reason we left the plastic wrapping keeping the lid latched down...
all the other contractors had the common courtesy of using the un-remodeled bathroom. thank you for taking off the wrapping and using the bathroom.
AND...maybe before you used the brand new, still wrapped up toilet, maybe you should've checked inside the tank area for other wrapping because now it looks like there's a huge piece of mushy waterlogged cardboard in there.
thanks so much.

as our other contractor assumes that you (granite people) must've tried to empty your murky buckets of watery granite glue (my terminology, of course) down our shower drain...our BRAND NEW unused shower...thanks for that as well.
were you THAT LAZY that you couldn't at least walk it over to the other shower to dump it down? did you really have to use our beautiful brand new, unused shower?!?!?
didja? didja?!?!?
i guess you did.
thanks so much.

i guess you guys did a not so bad job (as far as i can tell) aside from you trashing our new toilet and shower. maybe it was our fault that we did not specify NOT to use things that look brand new and is still taped up. but i guess we couldn't because we don't speak chinese, and you don't speak english. language barrier aside though...why??? WHY?!?!?!

LF Marble
thanks. maybe i'll be seeing you on yelp.

note to self: create a yelp account.
so nolan called to complain and eventually got to talk to the VP of the company who spoke perfect english. she said that they don't use "glue" of any sort but would further investigate the situation. she got back to him and said that the men used the shower to was their hands but as soon as the water started running, water started backing up....

Monday, May 24, 2010

costly kitchen...goodbye window

notice anything different?
we drywalled over the windows....
what?!?! why would we do that?
well, feng shui reasons that we have to have a something solid behind the stove.
something about the stove cannot have an open back....
strange. i know.
it's all coming together.
granite countertops should be installed soon, then onto the tile then wood floors!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

costly kitchen...cabinet progress day three

what a difference a day makes!
the majority of the work is done, and our new lights are up as well!!!
nolan approves

looks so different without flash...

i love the lighting! nolan picked it out at Lighting Concepts
if you're looking for lighting, definitely check this place out!!!

cabinets:thomasville pulls: lowes (i forget the brand) lighting: lighting concepts

Monday, May 17, 2010

costly kitchen...cabinet progress

Our cabinets finally arrived and installation has begun! (hallelujah!)
This was what everything looked like after day 1 of install:

Day two was much more exciting.
Day two, there was a FLOOD.
yes, another flood. nothing close to the great flood of March 2010, but still....another flood.
another flood that went to the unit below us...they must absolutely detest us.
what happen you ask?
a hole was drilled into the sprinkler system. yikes.
luckily it wasn't as bad as the last flood and none of the cabinets were damaged.

this is what it looked like at the end of day 2:

pardon the crappy iphone photo.

Aside from the kitchen, we've been scrambling to get lighting and fixtures...
more on that soon :)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

let's get this show on the road!

The appliances are here!
The flooring is here!
The cabinets are here!
Now let's get this party started! i want to move in already!
The appliances were delivered yesterday from Lowes....
here's our lovely samsung fridge:
(sorry for the crappy iphone pics)

the flooring has been in since last week, but it's waiting for everything else that needs to be installed first. Our cabinets were delivered today (two hours early! WOW!)

there are boxes everywhere, in every box was so big, they had to remove the door to get it into the apartment!
the cabinets should be up and done by the end of the week....then the granite needs to get installed, and then the flooring...
and then we're done!!!!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

the end of the great paint debate

when nolan called to tell me the rooms were painted and both colors we picked looked "different" than what they had looked like in our wall swatches...i wasn't sure what to expect. he tried to show me what it looked like through the knocking live video app, but there's nothing like seeing it for yourself. He did say that it wasn't shocking or an omg-what-were-we-thinking-it's-hideous situation...but still....i was anxious. would i like it? i came to the decision that as long as i didn't HATE it, it would be ok. hahahaha.

i took a deep breath before walking in, and you know what?!?! i kinda like it! i was pleasantly surprised.

Here's the bathroom :

the color is Benjamin Moore Sea Urchin.
This color is in both bathrooms (well, actually we have to re-do the guest bath because the painters painted it the blue no. redo please.), the kitchen, and my "girl cave"

ollie colors!

and the blue.....
i actually kinda like it!
Benjamin Moore Quiet Moments. This will be in the bedroom & living room.
The trims and ceilings are Benjamin Moore Cloud White.

looks like everything is coming together. the appliances will be delivered this week and now we're just waiting on the cabinets and flooring.
c'mon thomasville...speed it up please we're waiting on you!