Wednesday, March 10, 2010

"um, so...there's a flood in your apartment..."

that is something you never want to hear coming from your building management office.
that is exactly what we heard from our building management office...on monday.
talk about a panic attack.
thankfully, it wasn't "that bad" according to the building management--who say they've seen much, much worse. phew.
thankfully, there's only one unit below us...and we won't be known as the unit that flooded 10 other units--which just happened a few months ago. phew.
thankfully, the people working on our unit has insurance. phew!!!!
so what happened?
while doing demo on the kitchen, a cabinet fell and hit the water shut off valve.
it broke. water went EVERYWHERE!
it went in the living room and all the way into the bedroom....
thank god there was no flooring installed yet!

by the time we got there, all the water was sucked out of the unit, and everything was pretty much dry...

the scene of the crime

some wet spots in the living room...

nolan pointed to this mirror and says, "do you want to take a moment to be vain?"
he reads our blog! =)

the magical machine that sucked up all the water.
you like my cute tank?
it's jewel numkki.

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