Wednesday, March 3, 2010

need to be two places at once?

there's an app for that.
One of our biggest hurdles with this renovation so far is trying to get to these stores (paint stores, lighting stores, plumbing stores) that all operate on a monday-friday 9-5pm deal. honestly how do the regular folks pick things if they can never get to the store because they're at work themselves?!? i'm stuck at work, but nolan usually has days off during the week to go to such places...we TRY to go to places together because we usually never agree on anything, it's hard to send one person to pick out something that the both of us will like.
but when we need things by a certain time for contractors, that means nolan will be going alone.
and sometimes that leaves me frightened.
but now, we have discovered our lifesaving app that makes the process easy as pie.
i can feel like i'm there as well...

it's called knocking live.
its pretty much like a web cam on your iphone, AND we just discovered that if you put your current call on speaker, you can talk in sync w/the live feed!!!

thanks for the pic.

and you know what makes it even more amazing?!?!
IT'S FREE!!!!!!

go download it!!!!

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