Wednesday, September 21, 2011

let's get the ball rolling

one of the most used phrase from nolan throughout the wedding planning process was, "we'll do {insert task here} after the wedding." Said tasks include:

  • buying a coffee table

  • buying a nook table for the kitchen nook we demolished

  • buy a desk

  • buy an area rug

  • hang engagement & wedding photos

  • fully renovate the second bathroom

  • install blinds

and i can finally say we are checking things off the list!

  • blinds have been ordered!

  • coffee table, desk, kitchen nook, & extra table have all been ordered!!! i'm so excited for my west elm parsons collection. i have been lusting after a parsons desk for what seems like forever!!!

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SO EXCITED!!! it should be here by next week, stay tuned!! now i need to start working on hanging the photos and finding an area rug...i'm giving up on the bathroom reno for now.

Friday, September 16, 2011

guest bathroom fix-up: finished...for now

WOW! an update! since we had a week-long house guest last month (hi cece!), nolan & i had to get our act together and fix up the guest bathroom so it was as use-able as possible! see, nolan wants to renovate the bathroom, so he didn't want to do any major work (like buy a new toilet) if we are planning on ripping this bathroom to shreds. so our goal: functional & clean.

this meant:

  • capping the exposed sink pipe...DONE! no more water spilling out all over the floor!

  • get a new shower curtain to replace that hideous one that the previous tenants left behind....DONE! nice, white, and plain. oh yah, and a tiny bit too short.

  • new shower head that doesn't spray directly at the wall (seriously, most UNfunctional shower everrrrr!)...after 2 tries, DONE!

  • clean & get rid of unnecessary stuff....done!

next project: BLINDS! it's time to cover up our windows!!!