Tuesday, March 16, 2010

the loo part one: goodbye tub, hello shower

the loo, the thrown room, or as i like to call it, "the coffin." i swear the room is so small and once the door is closed it feels like a jail cell. and why is the toilet so close to the tub? couldn't it shove over a few inches to make things more proportional? no. thank you building codes. and why are the sinks outside and connected to the bedroom? is this an 80's thing?
why isn't it just one room? this unit has so much dead space everywhere it's ridiculous.
so what are our plans for this interesting bathroom?
neither of us take actual "baths" so there's no real need for a tub.
and after nolan's ACL surgery last year, i'd much prefer a walk-in shower over anything step-in.
(climbing into a tub w/only one functioning leg is no easy feat)
and i am a happy camper knowing we're getting rid of all that gross tile and nasty tub.
how could people take a bath in there?!? i'd feel dirtier stepping in there than i originally was.
i'm still amazed 3 females lived here before us. it's like they never touched a cleaning product.

all our fixtures...

trying to find a shower door...

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