Sunday, March 7, 2010

demolition derby part deux

so there are moments of pure happiness that require the usual happy dance, like more demo!!!
goodbye nasty tub and toilet...

goodbye nasty stove that was never cleaned...
goodbye carpet in the room that will one day be my "girl cave"

hello mirror...where did you come from?
let's pause a moment to be vain...
i decided to open the cabinet on the balcony...
whoo hooo are you?!?!
you need to move out sir.

don't we look happy?
this is about oh...3 hours before shock and fear set in when we received our first quote from a contractor about our installation labor cost.
let me revert back to my (our) very first blog title:
i need to strap on a tool belt and channel my inner david bromstad because this is just getting ridiculous! we need to figure out a way to do some of this ourselves because...just because.
have you ever seen 10grand in your hand? people save a ton of $$ just by doing it themselves.
i think we can paint.
don't you?

btw, there may be another paint option in the mix...
stay tuned for that.


  1. hey if you guys need help. my hubby did our apartment. he is so handy.

  2. thanks! unfortunately the building doesn't allow homeowners to DIY...everything needs to be done by licensed and insured contractors! we couldn't even install a sink on our own if we wanted. GRRR. it's like living in a building dictatorship!!!