Tuesday, May 4, 2010

the end of the great paint debate

when nolan called to tell me the rooms were painted and both colors we picked looked "different" than what they had looked like in our wall swatches...i wasn't sure what to expect. he tried to show me what it looked like through the knocking live video app, but there's nothing like seeing it for yourself. He did say that it wasn't shocking or an omg-what-were-we-thinking-it's-hideous situation...but still....i was anxious. would i like it? i came to the decision that as long as i didn't HATE it, it would be ok. hahahaha.

i took a deep breath before walking in, and you know what?!?! i kinda like it! i was pleasantly surprised.

Here's the bathroom :

the color is Benjamin Moore Sea Urchin.
This color is in both bathrooms (well, actually we have to re-do the guest bath because the painters painted it the blue color...no no. redo please.), the kitchen, and my "girl cave"

ollie colors!

and the blue.....
i actually kinda like it!
Benjamin Moore Quiet Moments. This will be in the bedroom & living room.
The trims and ceilings are Benjamin Moore Cloud White.

looks like everything is coming together. the appliances will be delivered this week and now we're just waiting on the cabinets and flooring.
c'mon thomasville...speed it up please we're waiting on you!


  1. you get a girl cave!?! does nolan get a man cave?
    the colors look good! can't wait to see everything else!

  2. i get a girl cave only because the living room is gonna pretty much be nolan's man cave...we have to use his bachelor pad furniture, which are so not me...and he has his big tv and stuff so he said i can do whatever i want to the second room. hahaha.