Tuesday, February 9, 2010

stage one: in its original glory

so i don't think that our unit has been renovated at all since the building was built. everything is old and run down. not to mention this unit was rented out so the last tenants (3 girls--a mother and her 2 teenage daughters) were FILTHY. you should see the showers and the stove. GROSS. you would think with three females, the place would be pretty clean! nope. filthy. gross. disgusting. i don't think they've ever used a cleaning product on the shower or stove ever! i mean, i'm pretty messy myself, but even i was appalled. hahaha.
anyway, on to the tour shall we?
these pictures were taken a few days after the renters moved out and the unit was cleaned.

---the living room---

---the kitchen---

---the master bedroom---

---the masterbath---

the filthy shower!

---the spare bathroom---
such an awkward shape

---the spare room---

---the balcony---


  1. oh my god. the light in there is AMAZING!!!!!!

  2. that's a nice place Erica! Congrats! I love that the kitchen is on the glass and you get natural light in there!