Friday, February 26, 2010

e ♥ db

i have the hugest crush on david bromstad.
yes, i know he doesn't like my kind (and by "my kind" i mean females) in that way, but i have a huge crush anyway. how bad is my crush? well, i stop short of posters of him on my wall (nolan would just die), and his face isn't on any heart shaped pillows, but i do dvr all color splash episodes on hgtv and i follow him on twitter--he twitpics from new colorsplash sets ALL the time!
i would die a happy girl if i walked into the apartment and he were standing there w/his color splash team ready to make over our apartment!
he has such fun and clever ideas. i mean, he made a jellyfish lantern lamp out of coffee filters and pink party streamers and it looked ah-ma-zing!
this is him, isn't he adorable?

this picture is from a cb2 blog post they did on him...
you can read it here.

now i know nolan's gonna read this and be like "aw man, why did you write a post about the color splash guy???" WHY? because our apartment renovations have been dragging. (boo) and because i wanted to write another post. and because every time i think about what to do with the new apartment 'WWDBD?' comes to mind. what would david bromstad do? (that along w/"what should i do"---which will be another post entirely, with another totally random & totally irrelevant surprise thrown in, just because it makes me this david bromstad picture does. hahaha)

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