Wednesday, February 24, 2010

let there be light

We went to the building management office to discuss our renovation plans with them to see if we needed any permits or things of that nature...we brought up putting in track lighting because we didn't want to have to rely on a million (ok, 2) floor lamps all over the place. They informed us that there is wiring ready for light fixtures built into the ceiling, the old owner may not have been aware of...we just would need to cut through the drywall.
yay! more lighting options! i love lighting. i hate dark rooms.

and scott makes another cameo in our bloggity blog.

i think we'll stick w/track lighting here...this is gonna be our TV wall.
or should i say, Nolan's tv wall.

lighting in the master bedroom.

what does this all mean???
more options!
more things to think about!
more trips to lowes...
don't forget to help us decide on a paint color, by voting!

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  1. this blog is the most amazing blog in the world. i love participation from nolan!