Friday, February 19, 2010

color conundrum

we start demo tomorrow, so we needed to decide on a paint color ASAP.
blue for the walls, brown for the hard could that be?!?

hard at work...

ok, so we pretty much don't like any of them!
but narrowed it down to 4 that we are ok with...
(sorry for the poor lighting, there are no lights and it was cloudy outside)
opinions? suggestions?
PLEASE HELP US!!!!!!!!!!!!
anyone out there???
nolan likes smoke. i wish smoke was a little lighter. i wonder if you could mix white into it?
i really wanted to like quiet moments...maybe it's the way nolan painted it on the wall..

EDITED: so upon some advice from sherry @ younghouselove, she suggested to stick w/silver marlin or quiet moments to avoid the room potentially looking like a little boy's room (kid's nursery room...not the bathroom...i think)
good idea. (thanks sherry!)

now for the bathroom...
we forgot the light worked in the bathroom so we started painting outside...
we liked 3, 4, & 6.

but in the bathroom w/the light on....
we picked 6 (the top color)



  1. silver marlin. or whatever it's called. p.s. this blog is amazing. keep it up!

  2. silver marlin or quiet moments. those other 2 are too bright.