Monday, February 15, 2010

a valentine's night spent at....

yes folks, that's where we spent our valentines evening together. no fancy dinner, no brian mcknight concert...just a lovely night at lowes with nolan, myself and mary. mary, our very helpful and knowledgeable appliance specialist (go see her if you wanna buy appliances!). we've been back and forth and back and forth about appliances and pricing for about 2 weeks and we finally bit the bullet and bought them.
(note to self: must take cooking lessons.)
don't i look happy with my receipt?
(like my top? it's jewel numkki)

so what did we get?
samsung side by side fridge.
we really wanted the french door, but we had to be practical.
this guy had some great reviews.

ge profile slide in range
honestly, we picked it cause it matched the microwave

samsung microwave
this is what nolan wanted. i have to admit, it's pretty nice.

all appliance images from

and don't worry...valentine's day wasn't just about appliances.
there were pretty flowers...
and cute cupcakes too.
and while at lowes i made him buy me pink kitchenaid kitchen shears ;p


  1. fancy appliances.. will we see an "ericooksfood" blog soon??

  2. hahahaha. no. 2 blogs are more than enough! hahaha.