Thursday, April 1, 2010

"you buy now? you pay today?"

last saturday we went to the marble & granite warehouse to place an order and get installation quotes....we were greeted with a very friendly, "you buy now? you pay today?" talk about straight to the point! hahaha.
turns out we did buy now and pay today.
first up--another feng shui bad boy:

this guy is HUGE! almost as tall as me, and weighs a ton.
he's going to live on our balcony next to my chinese pot thing. He's supposed to protect us from bad chi (qi? <---my favorite scrabble/wordwithfriends word) flowing in from the street below. if nolan refuses to let me have a puppy, i guess this guy will do. i think i'll name him "Long Duck Dong" after my favorite 16 Candles character:

oh yah, by the way, APRIL FOOLS! did i fool any of you? i hope so. i mean, all the feng shui stuff is pretty crazy anyway, i wouldn't put it past people to have those things....
anyway, we did order the granite for the kitchen counters, here's nolan talking to the saleslady/owner (i think?) about buying the slabs to make sure no one else will buy it. she later asked nolan if he was chinese. then she asked me if i was filipino. (really?!?)
ummmm....i can honestly say i've NEVER heard that before!

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