Thursday, April 8, 2010

it's all a waiting game now...

Yesterday we had our final meeting with our cabinet designer (Steve) at Home Depot.
We discussed the outrageous installation labor quote we recieved, and he told us it's all coming from the company they outsource with...and that he's tried to tell management about the ridiculous prices, but no one listens to the little guy. i really wish i could remember the name of the company they use...
So our cabinets are ordered. we changed the cabinet style to save some money...every little bit helps right? the contractor that comes to verify that the design will work in the kitchen suggested smaller cabinets about the stove, so that saved us a little more. AND it was the last day for a free sink base, so even more money saved!!! then they have some promotion, spend so much, get so much off. save even more money!!!
i'm all about saving money these days. haaha.
so now we wait. wait for the cabinets, wait for the floors.
while we wait we need to find a sink for the kitchen (bye bye kohler cast iron sink, we're giving you up in the name of saving more money---funny thing: the only 2 things we actually loved and agreed on were the cabinet styles and sink, and those two are no longer being picked.), two sinks for the bathroom, and faucets all around.

and again, not wanting a picture-less blog post (because who really likes those?)
here's a picture of us on new years eve.
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