Tuesday, April 20, 2010

quantity thirty-eight

Guess what's in the bag?
i'll give you some hints:
1. it's from lowes
2. the bag is *kinda* heavy
3. there are 38 of the same items in the bag
if you guessed cabinet pulls, you are correct!!!
since our cabinets have been ordered we went out to lowes to buy the handles because it's so much cheaper than buying it from thomasville or kraftmaid. who wants to pay $15 for ONE handle when you gotta buy thirtysomething?!?! not us, that's for sure! i swear those cabinet buggers just look for ways to rip you off left & right.
we were going to go w/our initial decision of these $4 handles...but then nolan saw a thinner version for about $8....we took a chance on those. AND we had a $100 pre paid credit card as a rebate from all our samsung kitchen appliances that we used towards the cost.
yay for rebates!


  1. dear erica,

    anthropologie sells really really great cabinet pulls and door handles and stuff that I BET you could try to sneak in there.


  2. omg! i know! i've been mentally trying to find homes for pretty knobs and pulls :)

  3. i cant wait to see them all installed!