Tuesday, April 6, 2010

dear home depot, you must be taking crazy pills!!!

we wanted to get a quote for cabinet installation from home depot after hearing that they were somewhat reasonable, and your cabinets have a lifetime guarantee if it's installed by their people. We already had another quote from another contractor, but we just wanted to compare...if we can get the lifetime guarantee, that would be best right?

we made the appointment to have someone come look at our kitchen & give us an estimate. we made the appointment the same day we made the appointment for our flooring order & installation estimate. flooring people called, came, measured....everything went pretty smoothly and floors were ordered and everything was all good.

where oh where are the cabinet guys?!?
where oh where can they be???
we wait almost an entire week to finally call to see what was the hold up. they told us to call the guy directly (i guess he's outsourced...sorta). it takes another week for him to come and look at the kitchen, then another week for him to turn in the labor quote.
apparently there were 5 other clients also waiting for quotes getting mighty angry as well.

we FINALLY got our quote today.

they quoted us $12,000 to install!!!!!!

heck no! what crazy person would actually pay that?
even the cabinet design guy laughed when he told us the price.


completely unrelated, but we can't have a post without visual interest right?
do you know who also has blue interior walls?
Minnie Mouse!

Here i am in her living room:
i don't think it's quite our style.

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