Friday, April 2, 2010

the loo part three: shower area is almost finished!

it's been one month, two weeks, and one day since we closed on this sixthfloorapartment.
and what do we have to show for it??? a shower and toilet.
woop woop!


Hello toto toilet. i didn't want to take off the protective wrapping in case the workers had to clean up or do last minute stuff in there, but this room is pretty much finished! we just need to add towel bars, toilet paper holders, and paint the room!
i sat on the toilet just to see how cramped the room is.
it still feels like a coffin to me.
oh well. whatcha gonna do?

hello hans grohe showerhead. i think i love you already!

nolan is almost too tall for the showerhead!!!
yikes. he just clears it.

Next up: working on the outer portion of the bathroom area.
-installation of pocket door to separate bathroom from bedroom
-my mirror. i fought for this. i hope it comes out nice.

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  1. beautiful bathroom! I love the pebble flooring in the shower!