Monday, April 26, 2010

the loo part 4: this frame of mine

There were two things i fell in love with when looking for ideas for the apartment.
1. a photo of a bathroom mirror framed by mosaic tile
2. brown & black mosaic tile from selective stone.
when i saw the photo in the magazine it was love at first sight. if only i could have a mirror like that, it would be lovely. i clipped it out and stuck it in my apartment binder. then while shopping for flooring tile i found the most beautiful mosaic tile that i just had to have. it had to go somewhere. but where?!? A TILE FRAME!!!
i really wanted it to happen but everyone was telling me it could get pricey so then it became a "if we have $$ in the end we'll do it" then it got bumped down to "maybe we can do it later, when we do the other bathroom" i was pretty bummed. but i kept thinking about it. i started thinking up ways to get the money to make the frame. i even wondered if i could make it myself. hahaha. i think nolan eventually saw just how much i wanted it we worked it in and here it is!!!
(i have to add though, that the pictures don't do the frame justice. it is so much prettier in person!)

it's the colors of ollie!

this was ollie's first visit to his future new home.
he was pretty scared. i don't blame looks nothing like a home at the moment.

don't forget to check out more ollie adventures on his own blog.


  1. love the tile! Im curious if those lights are going to be hidden or will they be exposed like that?
    Ollie's so cute! He's so tiny! Is Nolan flexing as he's holding Ollie? eheheheh

  2. no! hahaha. we haven't changed the lights out yet. still kinda looking around. hahahaha.