Friday, July 2, 2010

new couch!!!

i cannot tell you how ecstatic i was when nolan decided to sell his black leather couch! it was a super comfy couch, but it just screamed, "bachelor pad!"---have you ever seen the episode of sex & the city where harry brings charlotte to his bachelor pad? i don't know why but that's what his furniture brings to mind.
anyway, through the magic of craigslist, a young engaged couple are now the proud owners of a black leather sectional...thanks guys! the only problem was finding a new couch! i thought we jumped the gun by selling the couch without knowing if we'd find a suitable replacement that met all the requirements (comfy, budget-friendly, nice, etc.). It was a much more difficult task than i expected it to be. we would either disagree, or it would be too expensive (hello $15,000 couch!), or it would be too big.

i had almost lost all hope when we stumbled upon this couch:

he loved it, i loved was a good size, comfortable, great neutral color, and a great price!!! i said "i like it!" nolan said "i really like it" i thought he was joking...did we really just agree on a couch??? but of course the car salesman in him HAD to try to negotiate....which is how we found out about the mega 4th of july sale they were going to have, so we waited.

and today w/my $100-off coupon in hand, went marching in to inspiration, to go purchase our new couch!!!! probably the easiest sale the guy had all day. (side note: our sales guy asked me how to spell "elevator"...yikes.)

happy as a clam w/my receipt & delivery information sheet

what we're going to do w/that ginormous ottoman is beyond me. maybe it'll go in my "girl cave", but nolan kinda likes it right where it is...hmmm...

what are your plans for the 3 day weekend?
i'll be on cleaning lady duty all weekend cleaning up the place to prepare for the big move!!!

hope you all have a fantastic 4th of july weekend!


  1. thats a great couch! and i love the ottoman! it's huge all together! like another bed for when nolan is bad! :)

  2. it's so pretty! it's very NON-bachelor pad looking too. good job!