Monday, July 12, 2010

moving day!

We officially moved into our sixth floor apartment, on Saturday--July 10!
that's pretty much 5 months after we closed. who would've thought it would take THIS long?!?!
we stupidly thought we'd be moved in my april! hahahahaha. i laugh just thinking about it. i laugh thinking about how much we thought we were going to spend too! i remind myself about those hgtv/diy shows where people attempt to flip houses and then go into debt. thank god we didn't get that far!
anyhoo...we hired a moving company, they brought a GINORMOUS truck and five guys. they walk into our place, saw the boxes, and were like "THAT'S IT?!?!?!"

needless to say the actual move went pretty quickly. it was the cleaning and unpacking that is proving to be dificult and lengthy...especially since our closets haven't been worked on yet. boo. rolling racks it is!
i hate to be a debbie downer/negative nancy but i miss the old place. i think it's just because i'm getting frustrated living half out of boxes, rolling racks and finding things that just ain't so great...
let me point them out for you in the event that it may steer you away from certain decisions...
1. our bathroom sinks leak. waiting for them to get fixed, and only using the kitchen sink kinda sucks.
2. rain shower head....very nice! BUT make sure you get it mounted either from the ceiling or somehow get it further away from the wall then we did. it's awkward standing so close to the wall. and it's kinda weird to have to be completely under it, as opposed to coming at an angle as w/regular shower head--sometimes you just don't want your head to get wet! thank god for our hand held shower head that's mounted high enough that it acts as a regular shower head too!
3. parking tight. i miss my huge single stall....
4. dead space....the kitchen is filled w/dead space! it may look like we have a lot of cabinets, but a lot of it, you (I) need a ladder to reach. not very efficient. everything is narrow and deep...again, not very efficient. if only we could splurge on things like a pull-out pantry or lazy susans. but they charge you an arm and a leg! damn you thomasville/home depot!
ok, i'm done with my rant.
more pictures to come!

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  1. its funny (in an annoying way) how those things happen. The last place I was in, when I first checked it out I was super excited about it and was thrilled to be picked as the renter... then I moved in and I was like... meh... didn't like it as much.
    Moving is such a pain... I was moving about once a year when I first moved here (3 moves) and it was always a headache.
    I think once you get settled in you'll like your place more.