Thursday, July 22, 2010

a communist mess

no, i'm not going to be getting political. i'm actually talking about our condo. security is ridiculous! i guess in terms of our safety, it's ridiculously good. but in terms of freedom to do what you like, it's ridiculously.....ridiculous. they see all. hear all. know all. Nolan is already known as "the infamous nolan" due to things like our floods, silly amounts of contractors, not knowing the rules about these contractors (must be insured, must come during set days and hours, etc), and even where you dump certain types of trash. sigh.
this morning i left for work and found a huge note on the door from security (why not slip it under the door like all other notices?! why did they have to tape it up to the door for all other sixth floor residents to see?!? i felt like hester prynne with a scarlet parking lot violation sewn to my chest) about guest parking is only till 2am and if you did not sign up for overnight guest parking, your car will be towed next time. so attention nolan's friends: no parking in our building if you plan on staying out past 2am. which is every no parking in the building.
these guys are like the danny mccoys of the building...only much less attractive. wouldn't that be great? danny mccoy looking security gaurds?
and about the mess.....
the place is a mess. still unfinished closets---clothes everywhere. sinks still leak---brushing your teeth in the kitchen sucks. using the bathroom in the middle of then night then having to stumble in the dark to the kitchen to wash your hands (because we also didn't install lighting yet) also sucks.
debby downer posts, also suck.
i apologize.

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