Tuesday, July 20, 2010

can't get out of bed...

with sheets this soft!!!

i've been looking for new bedding for two reasons. the first being the chocolate brown comforter doesn't really go with the color scheme of the new apartment. the second being that nolan decided to wash the comforter cover with the white sheets, which resulted our sheets turning into a weird pinky brown hue. i've been searching online almost everyday, but couldn't seem to find anything pretty enough for me, but manly enough for nolan. sigh. and then there's nolan's affinity for hotel collection bedding (which he learned from kristen...he blames all his brand snobbery on kristen). I had seen this collection online but thought it seemed too boring. too plain. but when i was in the store, the display mixed this collection with pillows from the HC spa collection. the decorative pillow (i bought one) matches our paint color PERFECTLY. and the best part? it was all on sale...AND in addition to the sale price, it was buy one get one 50% off! so i bought 4 things and made 2 separate transactions! the deal was a steal!
i only wish i had bought one more decorative pillow...

but it's seriously SO soft i have trouble getting out of bed in the morning. definitely worth the investment :)

i only wish it didn't wrinkle so much. i'm super tempted to iron the bedding. but i hate ironing. so i most likely will not iron it.

in other news....

still living out of boxes
the place is a mess


  1. ?!?!?!!! i also suggested calvin klein!!!! aiyah.

  2. Aiya! That's ok I had Calvin Klein at home and this feels a lot nicer.

  3. inhee would like to know where you can get them because apparently the bedding that i bought for his precious new bed is not good enough.

  4. macys!!! 700 thread count sheets :)
    it's ridiculously expensive, so i have to use the cost-per-use theory then it seems ok. :)