Tuesday, June 22, 2010


the flooring is installed!!!!
aside from a small 3/4 piece that was missing and needs to be ordered, everything is finished!
the past few times we went to the unit was during the early evening and i couldn't get a good feel for the flooring with the paint. so we went on sunday to see it in broad daylight. and it looks much better in the light of day.

the paint looks almost white in this picture!

the one thing i really can't stand though, are the 3/4 rounds all along the walls. i'm totally not a fan of this look, but nolan said it was our only option. oh well. i guess i can live with it.

In Other News...
We've sold the couch, coffee table, chaise lounge...and the tv & tv stand will be leaving us as well.
We found the perfect (for us) couch right when i had given up hope that we'd find something!
Next up is lighting installation (living room) and shelving (shoe closet & all closets)

we have to start packing up our current abode...we'll begin showing it to potential renters this week! i can't believe after all these months, we're finally on our way to actually living in our new place!!!


  1. youre giving up a tv?!
    looks good! on that second picture, why does it look like theres a white arch painted?

  2. hmmm...i dunno! i think maybe the light is reflecting off the mirrored closet doors.?

  3. i can't wait to see the new couch!!

  4. looks good erica! can't wait to see the final product! :)