Tuesday, June 1, 2010

granite installed!

The granite is installed, and looks great :)
This is our bathroom...the countertop is actually marble that we found on sale at Selective Stone.
If you ever go there, ask for Rexie, she's great! Everyone there is so nice and helpful though.
Our lighting is Sonneman tubo lighting that i saw online and fell in love with but when it came to shipping, it was ridiculous to ship to hawaii...with a broken heart we went to local lighting stores, where i found them!!! picked them up at Lighting Concepts (love that place!) one of the fixtures outer glass casing was cracked so they have a replacement for us coming in. this is our kitchen granite. it's called wild sea, verde...or something like that. i can't remember now. AFTER it was installed nolan admitted to me that he didn't like it when i had picked it out, but upon seeing it in our kitchen he really likes it. (thank god!)

Then on friday we went to lowes to pick up some track lighting...which was all sold out.
note to self: buy when you see it because it may not be there when you go back!!!!
we were accompanied by our little monster:

"let me out!"

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