Tuesday, June 15, 2010

we have a moving date!!!

a tentative moving date that is.

the moving company nolan wants to use only takes military family moves...but made some sort of exception for us since our move will be pretty minimal, but the stipulation is that we HAVE TO move on a saturday.

this week? nope. too soon.
next week? nope. i'm in a wedding.
the week after that? nope. nolan's in a wedding.
when will it ever be OUR wedding?....<----...how'd that get in there?!? cece did you hack my blogger?
so it'll be the week after that!!!!
i better start packing and looking for big boxes!

in other news...our flooring should be done tomorrow, and then we begin work on shelving and all the feng shui necessities.

and i'm super excited to say that nolan is getting rid of his bachelor pad furniture!!!
*happy dance! happy dance! happy dance!*
i can't tell you enough how happy i am. but now we need to scramble to find replacement furniture.

i shall leave you with a picture of us jetting off to las vegas...


  1. exciting!!!
    Howd you convince him to get rid of the bachelor pad furniture?!

  2. i thought it was a lost cause, but i had mentioned a lot earlier that his chaise wouldn't fit in our living room with the couch, and that the "L" part of the sectional is on the wrong side for the new place....then i guess he finally agreed and decided on his own! YAY!

  3. haha! yeah how'd that get in there?!!