Tuesday, October 5, 2010

let there be light: part three

wow. i've been really slacking with blog posts lately. i guess things have been slowing down now that we've actually moved in....and run out of money. hahaha. i really didn't want to take any pictures of the place until i could do a big "TA-DA!!!" reveal like on all those HGTV shows i obsessed over. but i've come to realize that that is not going to happen for a while. we spent so much money on the major renovations that all the aesthetic stuff like rugs, lights, decorative elements would just have to wait. but don't worry, some new things are afoot...

the first being that we FINALLY got some floor lamps for this place!
i was lusting over these lamps at inspiration for awhile, but wanted to look around for a cheaper/more practical/bigger wattage alternative. i found none. at least none that i liked. so after months of stumbling in the dark we caved and went back for them. we bought 2 thinking one would definitely not be bright enough--we were wrong, one was good. but as with everything on sale at inspiration...it was FINAL SALE. but it's ok...it's more symmetrical this way:

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