Sunday, September 12, 2010

a house is not a home without a...

our couch we bought months ago from inspiration was FINALLY delivered on Friday, and i've got to say that i'm in loooooove. i will never again take a couch for granted. the color is perfect, it's comfy (but then again, anything would be more comfortable than the plastic chairs we've been using) and it's super light, which makes moving it a breeze!

the couch also came with a super long ottoman, which we will be using as a makeshift couch/daybed in my "girl cave"-now turned-into-ollie's room. i'm actually sitting on it right now as i keep ollie company while he sun bathes next to the window.

anyway, back to the couch. it's smaller than we were imagining (which is good) so we can start looking for things like an area rug, table, and maybe some side tables!!!


  1. oohhh I like the new couch!!
    I want to see how the ottoman is being used in the girl cave!

  2. wow! (this is anna btw ;) I love the couch!