Tuesday, August 24, 2010

MIA...only words

i haven't been posting lately....there's nothing to post about. STILL unpacking. i think we win the award for world's slowest unpackers/move-in-ers. a lot of it is just that we need to BUY things to put stuff in. and you know...pretty storage is not cheap. i caved and started buying sorta el cheap-o plastic bins. i really really wanted to stay away from them, but seriously...even those are tugging at my purse strings.

in other news....where oh where is our couch?!?!? seriously. nolan called today after we found out that mr. & mrs. lau's (haha!) couch is being delivered THIS SATURDAY. um, hellooo inspiration, our couch was on the same boat/ship/container. where is our couch?!?! so they tell nolan that the couch is on the island, but then proceeded to say "don't get mad now (hmmm....i guess a lot of other people are already mad?) but the next available delivery time for your area is september yadda yadda." WHAT??!?! so....we're waiting till september for our couch.

and....i have a sneaking suspicion that my "girl cave" is going to be more "ollie's room" than girlie lounge. for a little dog, he has so much stuff!


  1. man that couch is taking a long time to get here! was it custom made?! :)

  2. no...when i bought it, the tell me AFTER i pay that there's a three week delivery delay. THEN about a week or two after i bought it, they call and say it's stuck on the dock in california so it won't be here till next month.....grrrr...

  3. where IS your couch?! i like see already.