Monday, August 2, 2010

slowly but surely...

things are coming together.
slowly but surely,
boxes are dissapearing and more floor is visible!

this past weekend i went on cleaning & organizing mode. the closets are done, and we purchased some nice bins and things to actually have places to put things! as boxes get broken down, the fine soot/dust that came with all that building flies everywhere!

dry swiffer.
wet swiffer.

there has to be an easier way! AND i can still feel that soot on my feet! when will it end?!?!
i curse the floors and all that dust.

so here are some of the latest updates to the abode:

media console...
waiting for the glass door to be put in, and for the mess to be cleaned up.

my girl cave closet:

i get my own closet, because nolan kicked me out of the master bedroom closet...

linen closet:

i think we need more linens!
and my few anthropologie purchases:

sad the E is crooked...

1 comment:

  1. love the anthro handles!!
    i know what you mean about swiffering. i have to swiffer every single day multiple times!! dust is never ending...