Wednesday, November 3, 2010

let there be light: part four

wow. long time no blog!
seriously, i haven't loss momentum....just the funds. hahahaha. but don't worry, more posts will be popping up shortly. I just wanted to share our other floor lamp purchase from inspiration. This was the floor model (bleh) but i was over lamp shopping and didn't care at that point. what's so bad about floor model? well, the lamp that was working on the floor in the store, decided to burn out its bulbs the day we get it. and the funny thing is, it looked brighter in the store...i thought that the other lamps we bought wouldn't be bright enough so we bought was good enough. this one i thought would be's a bit dull. It's also not really the look i was going for....but since the room has now been deemed "ollie's room" and not my girl cave....oh well. without further adieu,

a lamp for ollie's room.
i swear that dog has too much stuff. it took over that small room, there's no room for a desk, or vanity or anything of mine.

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