Tuesday, April 5, 2011

guest bath: shopping

We headed out to Bed Bath & Beyond because we needed a new bathmat for our master bath...and since we drove all the way out there, we should look for things for the guest bath (a.k.a. cece's bathroom)! YAY! We didn't want to get anything too expensive because it's just a temporary solution until we can actually remodel (which nolan says will be after the wedding. boo)...at first i wanted to go really girly since this is going to be the adjacent bathroom to my future girl-cave. but then i thought of poor male house guests that would need to use a frilly bathroom and i felt bad. (see how nice i am?)

so we went for white. that's pretty gender neutral, right?

we came away with:

shower curtain, bath mat, shower caddie

    not a bad start right?

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    1. oh yes!! my bathroom is coming along!! haha. thanks :)