Wednesday, March 23, 2011

guest bath: the cleanup

hello all!
anybody still visit this blog? i hope so, because i'm back with an apartment renovation post!!!

i thought i'd never see the day when we would start to tackle the black hole that is our guest bathroom. one of the main reasons we wanted a bigger place was to have a second bathroom. i mean, having overnight guests would prove difficult when they'd have to come into our bedroom to use the bathroom. what if they have to poop in the middle of the night? AWKWARD. right? or what if nolan and i experience a harry & charlotte post-french-dining experience ala sex and the city? that would NOT be good.

nolan's old college roommate stayed over for one night the other month and we were NOT prepared at all for guests. no extra bedding, no guest bathroom..."hi. welcome! you can brush your teeth in the kitchen sink." not good. bad hosts. So with the knowledge that we will be having a week-long house guest later on this year (hi cece!!! i'm so excited!) we have been focused on cleaning out that black hole. it may not get renovated, but at least it'll be clean and almost fully functioning (we have no sink area, as it was accidentally demo-ed).
so without further adieu, i present to you.....

so, i thought contractors take stuff to throw away when they're done. i guess not. we were left with buckets of paint, primer, flooring stuff, broken tile, mortar, and things i just can't figure out what they were for. all of this was left around the apartment when we moved in. we didn't know what to do with it all (they must've left it behind for a reason, right? wrong.) so we threw it in the guest bath.
when we realized we didn't need to keep all that junk, we didn't know where to dump it.
our building doesn't let you just throw any ol' thing many rules. AND there was the issue of how would we transport everything? luckily it all fit in the accord. AND we had all the mangled chicken wire from ollie's make-shift barricade on our balcony that we were forced to remove. (damn you, you stupid rules!)
Luckily, my mom needed to have some (a lot of ) paint thrown away too, so she found people to take it all to the dump and said to bring over all our stuff we did!
stay tuned for our more empty bathroom!


  1. how does a sink get accidentally demo-ed? :)

    When we get a bigger place I'd ideally like to have at least a half extra bath. When Jason and I got back from Peru a few years ago we both got hit with "Montezuma's revenge" and all I could think about was what if we both HAVE to go at the same time?!!! hahaha

  2. the workers were supposed to change some water valves which was behind the sink area...instead of trying to salvage things so it could be put back they just broke it down and threw it out...sink, shelving, mirrors...everything. i was in shock. hahaaha.