Wednesday, December 29, 2010

seasons greetings!

Seasons Greetings from all (three) of us at sixth floor apartment!

I hope everyone had a very merry christmas!
{anyone still out there reading this thing?!}

I apologize for the lack of things have slowed down here in the renovation/decoration area of our lives. i realized that rome wasn't built in a day, and this apartment will not be HGTV ready...well...probably at all. {hello? david bromstad? please come knock on my door!}
I had to learn that i can't afford to buy everything at once. we are still missing many key pieces of furniture, we haven't fixed the things that we needed to fix (bathroom lights and bathroom sink--the "his" sink is still ka-put)

But looking back, a lot was done, it was a great experience and we learned A LOT. i mean, this place looked completely different, and i promise to try to post before & after photos as soon as the holidays are over.

looking forward to 2011, i (we) hope to:
  • buy a coffee table (so we don't have to eat standing at the kitchen counter)
  • buy an area rug (hopefully one that ollie won't pee on)
  • fix the bathroom sink
  • fix the bathroom lighs
  • renovate second bathroom
  • figure out how to get the 2nd room to be more "girl cave" less, "ollie's room"
  • decorate and make it seem more cozy and like "home"
  • blog more!

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  1. So fun!! I'll fix the girl room I love design and love doing it cheap!! lol :)